930009 SE Master's Thesis Colloquium

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SE Master's Thesis Colloquium
SE 2
each semester

The participants design a thesis (synopsis) and will be able to communicate topic, research question, method in different contexts. They argue in how they will position their study in the field of gender studies and in what way their study will contribute to research.

In the SE Master's Thesis Colloquium we will discuss epistemological, methodological and methodological aspects of gender studies in order to develop the research question for one’s own thesis. We will also develop theory, method, research design, and structure of the master thesis and discuss these aspects with the fellow participants.

ATTENTION: The SE Master's Thesis Colloquium is planned and taught in close cooperation with the SE Methodological Competence. It is therefore recommended to attend both classes in the same semester. The SE Master's Thesis Colloquium will take place at the same time (time, room) in the first half of the semester.
One of the aims of the SE Master's Thesis Colloquium is to lay the groundwork for the Master's thesis project (e.g. preparing the synopsis). Participants of the SE Methodological Competence will the continue to work on their projects (concretization and implementation).

Presentations, writing exercises, peer learning, discussions, input by course instructor

Presentations, discussions, written and oral contributions

Frank, Andrea / Haacke, Stefanie / Lahm, Swantje: Schlüsselkompetenzen: Schreiben in Studium und Beruf. Stuttgart, Weimar 2007.

Günther, Katja: Selbstcoaching in der Wissenschaft. Wie das Schreiben gelingt. Opladen 2020.

Hagen, Florian et al.: Mehr als 77 Tipps zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. Hamburg 2021.

Schriever, Carla et al.: fEMPOWER. Ratgeber für angehende Wissenschaftlerinnen. Opladen 2021.

successful completion of compulsory modules 1-4

for questions concerning the Master's Programme Gender, Culture and Social Change please contact the coordinator: gender-studies@uibk.ac.at

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Date Time Location
Fri 2023-03-24
10.00 - 17.00 52U105 52U105 Barrier-free
Sat 2023-03-25
10.00 - 17.00 50109/3 SR 50109/3 SR Barrier-free
Fri 2023-05-12
10.00 - 17.00 50101/1 SR 50101/1 SR Barrier-free
Sat 2023-05-13
10.00 - 17.00 50109/3 SR 50109/3 SR Barrier-free