715202 EU Geoscientific Field Trip

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EU Geoscientific Field Trip
EU 1
every 2nd year

Students acquire the ability to record stratigraphic profiles and to discuss and interpret sedimentary rocks in the field in a process-oriented manner. Based on solid geological work, students will be able to predict the facies dynamics and stratigraphic evolution of sedimentary sequences and to develop models of their response in changing environments (e.g. climate, tectonics).

In addition to the lectures and exercises in the module Integrated Stratigraphy of Sedimentary Systems, excursions will visit outcrops in the Innsbruck area to practice field-related application of sedimentological and stratigraphical interpretation principles and the formulation of working hypotheses for further investigations (e.g. with laboratory methods).

sedimentary geology fieldwork methods

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tendtativel scheduled excursions in and around Innsbruck: Saturday 14. + 21. October 2023

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Voraussichtliche Exkursionstermine in und um Innsbruck: Samstag 14. + 21. Oktober 2023, Exkursion