910633 ANMELDUNG: US Waffenverlässlichkeit gem. 1. WaffV. - Fortbildungsveranstaltung und Supervision (SS 2024)

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ANMELDUNG: US Waffenverlässlichkeit gem. 1. WaffV. - Fortbildungsveranstaltung und Supervision (SS 2024)
SE 1

This seminar provides basic neuropsychological knowledge for diagnostics, assessment and therapy in various legal areas.

The core topic is the practical introduction to the methodology of validation of psychometric test results (questionnaires) and cognitive performance profiles.

Current reference

The seminar is intended to provide practical methods for assessing the willingness of subjects to cooperate in a psychological examination.

Neuropsychological symptom pictures of psychiatric and neurological diseases are taught. Neuropsychological knowledge is thus imparted about cognitive disorders that frequently occur in the forensic setting.

Learning objectives

The participants of the seminar will acquire practical knowledge to conduct psychological examinations with special regard to the participation or cooperation and openness of the persons tested.

The neuropsychological functional areas that are important for the preparation of psychological reports in the areas of vocational aptitude testing, legal psychology (culpability and legal prognosis) are defined and explained with examples, in particular also:

◦ cognitive disorders in alcohol dependence,

◦ cognitive disorders in the case of incipient dementia or reduced aptitude,

◦ cognitive impairments in depression and other psychological disorders

◦ neuropsychological aspects of risk behaviour and impulsivity.

The terms response bias, deceptive behaviour, aggravation and simulation are explained with the help of case studies. In particular, the processing of personality questionnaires and cognitive performance tests is dealt with.

- Aspects of behavioural observation and plausibility testing are dealt with.

In addition, information is given on the conditions under which a weapon can be acquired in Germany.

The lessions will be presented virtually.

It is necessary to participate online during the lessons.

Karnath, O. & Thier, P. (2006): Neuropsychologie. Springer Lehrbuch.

Merten, T. (2013): Beschwerdenvalidierung. Fortschritte der Neuropsychologie. Hogrefe.

Scheurich, A. & Brokate, B. (2009): Neuropsychologie der Alkoholabhängigkeit. Fortschritte der Neuropsychologie. Hgrefe.

Following General Terms and Conditions shall apply 

The participants have to take care of their insurances (health, accident and liability insurance) themselves.

12.04.2024, 09:00 - 17:00, online
13.04.2024, 09:00 - 13:00, online
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