740053 UE Hygiene and Microbiology, 8 Groups

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UE Hygiene and Microbiology, 8 Groups
UE 1

Students acquire fundamental knowledge of microbiological techniques for pathogen detection. Students are able to identify bacteria and fungi by microscopy and to differentiate them by Gram staining.

Students are able to perform basic methods of pathogen isolation and the hand disinfection technique correctly.

Students acquire fundamental knowledge and practical skills for procedures of sterilization and for testing methods for sterility of pharmaceutical products, with reference to regulations of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Students will be able to perform basic aseptic procedures correctly and to recognize typical mistakes made in such procedures.

Students deepen their general competences in teamwork, in recording of observations and measurements in log-books and practice their presentation skills.

  • Microscopical presentation and differentiation of relevant bacteria and fungi by Gram-staining and native microscopy
  • Culture and basic microbiological/biochemical differentiation of bacterial and fungal isolates
  • Disinfection procedures (hand disinfection, surface disinfection)
  • Basic techniques of susceptibility testing for bacteria against antibiotics
  • Procedures for sterilization and for testing for sterility (autoclave, hot-air sterilizer, sterilization by filtration)
  • Basic skills for aseptic procedures and for handling sterile products

Laboratory exercise with introductory lectures (including handouts), student presentation of assignments

  • Rating of lab results and own presentations,
  • Written exam (MCQ and short-answer questions)
  • Course syllabus (Dept. Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, MUI)
  • Kayser et al., Textbook Medical Microbiology in German (Thieme)
  • Mims´ Medical Microbiology in English (Saunders)
  • Selected chapters of the European pharmacopoiea (2.6 and 5.1) in German

Subject to alteration.

Praktikum, Termine siehe oberhalb, P3 und P4, Fritz-Pregel-Straße 3, Innsbruck
Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2024-06-28
10.00 - 11.00 Audimax Audimax Induction loops for hearing impaired Prüfung
Wed 2024-09-11
10.00 - 11.00 M.EG.180 M.EG.180 Barrier-free 2. Prüfungstermin
Group Booking period Date of exam
740053-0 2024-05-22 00:00 - 2024-06-23 23:59
Audimax, Agnes-Heller-Haus
Ebner K., Kimpel A., Rambach G., Speth C.
740053-0 2024-07-04 00:00 - 2024-09-05 23:59
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Ebner K., Kimpel A., Rambach G., Speth C.