800661 SE Prevention of and Intervention in Case of Sexual Violence in educational institutions

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SE Prevention of and Intervention in Case of Sexual Violence in educational institutions
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The students are able to design organizational educational processes and concepts for the prevention of (sexual) violence in educational institutions on the basis of the current state of research in a critical, methodologically varied and addressee-oriented manner and to discuss them on a high theoretical level.     

1. Basic knowledge of sexual violence and its psychodynamics.

2. Basic knowledge of prevention and intervention

3. Designing protection processes in a participatory way: Empirical findings and practical insights  

3.1 Organizational educational processes & actors

3.2. Risk and protection factors for child well-being in pedagogical contexts (main focus on the context school)

3.3. Pedagogical approaches and attitudes of trauma pedagogy

3.4. Development and critical examination of protection concepts

4. Critical reappraisal and insights into current social science studies 

Independent reading of selected studies and basic texts, discussion of the texts in the seminar, lectures, trying out methods and didactic approaches, meeting with representatives of child protection work, presentations by students.     

Written work

Carolin Oppermann et al. (2018), Handbook of protection concepts in pedagogical organizations,


Wazlawik, Martin et al. (2018), Sexual Violence in Pedagogical Contexts: Current Research and Reflections.

Fegert Jörg et al. (2015), Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents. A Handbook on Prevention and Intervention for Professionals in the Medical, Psychotherapeutic and Educational Field, Heidelberg.

Due to the high demand for the seminar "SE Prevention of Sexual Violence: Designing Protection Processes in Institutions" in winter semester 23/24, the seminar was re-elaborated for summer semester 24.

Regarding the current BMBWF project "Child Protection - Protection from Sexual Violence in Schools", which aims, among other things, to implement the topic of child protection in the training and further education of teachers and to anchor protection concepts in schools, the new focus on schools was set.

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Fri 2024-03-08
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Fri 2024-04-26
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