922407 Music history 02

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(University Mozarteum Salzburg)
Music history 02
VO 2
ability to class with musical works, insight into processes, breaks and characteristics of epochs in music history
The lectures in “History of Music”, separated in four parts, are going beyond a mere factual knowledge and want to develop the students’ awareness of special problems concerning music history. Events, phenomena and tendencies will be seen in the context of a historical development, determined by the aesthetics of its time, special circumstances and technical facilities. The history of styles, interpretation and reception form a basis of mediation and preservation to be especially considered. Music history 2 will deal with music in Renaissance and Baroque Era.
materials to the course will be accessible via moodle (moodle.moz.ac.at)
written exam 6 large-scale questions according to different modes (knowledge questions, ticking, text scaffolding), one of the questions can be deleted by the student
Europäische Musik in Schlaglichtern, ed. by Peter Schnaus et al., Mannheim – Wien – Zürich: Meyers Lexikon Verlag, 1990. Karl H. Wörner, Geschichte der Musik. Ein Studien- und Nachschlagebuch, revised and ed. by Lenz Meierott, Göttingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht, 1993. Europäische Musikgeschichte, ed. by Sabine Ehrmann-Herfort, Ludwig Finscher and Giselher Schubert, Kassel et al. – Stuttgart: Bärenreiter / Metzler, 2002. dtv-Atlas zur Musik. Tafeln und Texte, 2 vol., ed. by Ulrich Michels, München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, revised 22/2008 (1/1977) resp. 15/2008 (1/1985). Werner Keil, Musikgeschichte im Überblick, München: Wilhelm Fink, 2012.
basic knowledge of music history