922444 Artistic Subject: Voice Jazz/Pop 01

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(University Mozarteum Salzburg)
Artistic Subject: Voice Jazz/Pop 01
KE 1
Development of a healthy singing and speaking voice, learning different vocal techniques and singing styles as well as developing the repertoire in the jazz / pop area. Artistic personality work considering the singer’s individuality.
SINGING TECHNIQUE: Physiology of the vocal apparatus Breathing technique Exploration of the resonance cavities Articulation and diction Ergonomics of singing (respiratory / volume and resonance ratio) Work with different registers (chest, head and mixed voice, twang, belting, etc.) EXERCISES: Individual exercises tailored to the student will be created based on the current state of vocal technique, needs and goals. The students should also learn to develop their vocal potential on their own. There will also be exercises from the areas of ear training, functional harmony, scale theory and improvisation. INTERPRETATION: Content and emotional understanding of a song Development of the melody Different versions of a song Variations of the melody and ad libs Rhythmic variations of the melody Recording for self-reflection REPERTOIRE: Exploring different styles in jazz (swing, Latin, ballads, bebop, modal jazz, modern jazz) as well as in pop (disco, soul, rock, funk, etc.)