967106 Company law for Health Care Providers

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Company law for Health Care Providers
VO 1
every 2nd year

Students that have passed the module know the public and private law framework for offering services in the health care sector and have a grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of the different organisational forms that can accommodate medical services.

- General company law for Health Care Providers (entrepreneur, firm, types of substitution, business of entrepreneurs etc)


- Organizational and corporate law (legal form of organization, definition of hospital and medical office, types of cooperation between doctors, group practice)

Lecture with powerpoint-presentation

Presentation of current case law and scientific consensus


Written exam

Aigner/Kletečka/Kletečka-Pulker/Memmer, Handbuch Medizinrecht, Kap IV (Organisations- und Unternehmensrecht) – online-Werk (rdb.at)


Resch/Wallner, Handbuch Medizinrecht (2015), Kap Medizinrecht und Gesundheitsberufe

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