Compulsory Module 13: Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering 4 (11.5 ECTS-Credits, 8 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Students are familiar with the fundamentals of 3D-CAD-Systems and with the possibilities connected with the various types of modelling. Students possess in-depth knowledge of the main types of construction materials, their manufacture, their physical qualities and experimental characterisation and of their corresponding normative classification. Students can describe and analyse quantitatively simple thermal dynamic procedures and processes; they are familiar with the positive results of energy transformation processes and they are able to determine quantities which are necessary for the description of thermo-dynamic condition of various working tools.
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Lecture and tutorial Thermodynamic (VU / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Fabian Ochs
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Mechanical Engineering and Construction Technology 1 (VU / 3h / 4,5 ECTS-AP)
Michael Bader, Christian Landschützer
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CAD lab (PR / 3h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Christian Landschützer
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