Module 20: Functional Nano Materials (5 ECTS-Credits, 3 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Students learn the specific properties of nano-structured materials and can handle various methods of nano-structuring as a method of materials design.
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Kinetics and catalysis II / Nanostructured materials and heterogeneous catalysis (VO / 1h / 1,5 ECTS-AP)
Bernhard Klötzer
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Methods of nano-structuring and nano-architectures (VO / 1h / 1,5 ECTS-AP)
Erminald Bertel, Hubert Huppertz, Bernhard Klötzer, Julia Kunze-Liebhäuser, Norbert Memmel, Ronald Micura, Paul Scheier, Seraphin Unterberger
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supramolecular chemistry & nano-chemistry (VO / 1h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Martin Tollinger
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