INFO Bachelor's Programme Prehistory and Early History Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology according to the curriculum of 2003
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Introduction into Prehistory (no courses)
Introduction into the Archaeology of Early History (no courses)
Introduction into Research Methods of Prehistory, Early History, Medieval and Modern Archaeology (no courses)
Seminars (no courses)
Lehrgrabungen und Vermessungspraktika (no courses)
Exkursionen im In- oder benachbarten Ausland (no courses)
Anleitung zur wissenschaftlichen Arbeit (no courses)
Nachbardisziplinen der Ur- und Frühgeschichte sowie Mittelalter- und Neuzeitarchäologie (no courses)
Selected Issues of Prehistory, Earl History, Medieval and Modern Archaeology (no courses)
Praktische Arbeiten (no courses)

  • There may still be changes in the courses offered as well as room allocation and course dates.
  • The course descriptions found in the English version of the course catalogue are for informational purposes only. Authoritative information can be found in the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (German version of the course catalogue).