Elective Module 4: Scientific Working: Economic and Social History (5 ECTS-Credits, 2 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of compulsory module 1
Learning Outcome: Acquisition of basic skills for dealing with historic sources and presentations in Economic and Social History as well as skills in presenting the newly acquired knowledge orally as well as in writing. Acquisition of basic knowledge and application of relevant methods aiding scientific research.
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PS Economic and Social History (PS / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Elisabeth Dietrich-Daum
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PS Economic and Social History: The importance of cities and their rural environs for economic and social history (PS / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Gerhard Siegl
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PS Economic and Social History: National minorities in Central and Eastern Europe: concepts and developments in the 20th century. (PS / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Jana Pinosová
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