INFO Doctoral Programme in Social and Economic Sciences (Dr. rer. soc. oec.) according to the curriculum of 2003 in its pertinent version (C 084) (4 semesters)
Admission to the defence of the doctoral thesis interview depends on successful participation in two seminars, each on scientific discussions with oral and written contributions by the student, and two private interviews (special research seminars) with: a) a positive mark for participation in a private interview on the methodology of social and economic sciences (2 h) and in a private interview on the methodolgy of empirical economic research (2 h) or a private interview on empirical social research (2h) b) a positive mark for participation in a seminar on the thesis subject (2 h) in a seminar in a subject from the social or economic sciences with may not be taken from the subject group of the thesis topic itself (business management, political economy, or social science). (2 h) c) a positive evaluation of the doctoral thesis.
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