Compulsory Module 4: Mathematical Working and Occupational Profile (2,5 ECTS-Credits; 3 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates of this Module have the skills to use selected mathematical software and to implement simple algorithms and linear algebra in a selected programming language. They are able to independently implement criteria of mathematical contents and formal shaping in a text. They know the occupation profile of a maths teacher in secondary schools and have an overview of the topics gender as well as of their study programme.
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VO Occupational Profile Mathemaics Teacher (VO / 1h / ,5 ECTS-AP)
Maria Braunhofer Maurer, Werner Heiß, Georg Jud, Franz Niedertscheider, Franz Pauer, Markus Paul, Thomas Plankensteiner, Freddy Wittwer
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