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Coaching (no courses)
European Union (no courses)
Leadership Academy (LEA) (no courses)
Regionale Einführung in die Bibliothekspraxis (REB) (no courses)
Business Administration and Innovation Management for Start-ups (no courses)
Sustainable design of human habitats living space in transition (KU / 9,5h / 32 ECTS-AP)
Ute Ammering, Martin Coy, Susanne Ursula Elsen, Christoph Kirchengast, Armin Kratzer, Robert Lukesch, Christa Müller, Julia Scharting, Markus Schermer, Martin Strele
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Traumapädagogik (KU / 10h / 15 ECTS-AP)
Maria-Pia Andreatta, Wolfgang Egger, Hermann Mitterhofer
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Europarecht (KU / 6h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Hans-Peter Folz, Günter Herzig, Thomas Theodor Jaeger, Arno Kahl, Marcus Klamert, Franz Leidenmühler, Walter Obwexer, Peter Stockenhuber, Rudolf Streinz, Verica Trstenjak, Ferdinand Wollenschläger
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