Compulsory Modules Subject Didactics (20 ECTS-Credits)
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Compulsory Module 3: Evaluation of Modern Language Competences (5 ECTS-Credits, 4 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of Compulsory Module 2
Learning Outcome: The graduates are able to explain theories of testing and evaluation, to analyse, develop and assess language tests and tasks as well as language test tasks and class tests for the teaching subject French.
Compulsory Module 4: Subject Related Practical Course (5 ECTS-Credits, 1 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of the Compulsory Modules 2 and 10
Learning Outcome: The graduates of this module are familiar with French teaching practice; they have tested, critically reflected on and evaluated own teaching approaches by means of procedures and methods of French teaching; they are able to apply profession-specific key qualifications such as teaching structure and target group-specific communication in French lessons and acquire fundamental professional understanding for their occupational field.

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