INFO Bachelor's Programme Classica et Orientalia according to the curriculum 2015 (180 ECTS-Credits, 6 semesters)
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Elective Modules according to § 9 (3) - second specialisation (50 ECTS-Credits) (no courses)
Within the scope of the second specialisation, elective modules covering 50 ECTS-Credits must be passed, which must be acc. to par. 2 either all assignable to a specialisation, which has not been selected or to one of the mentioned Bachelor¿s programmes listed in par. 4 to 7. Within the scope of the second specialisation modules from the curricula of the Bachelor¿s programmes at the University of Innsbruck (acc. to §54 par. 1 Universities Act) amounting up to 20 ECTS-Credits can be freely chosen for individual choice of specialisaiton. The prerequisites specified in the respective curricular must be met. Especially recommended are specialisaitons in the subjects (alphabetical order): Archaeology, Art History, Catholic Theology, Classic Philology ¿ Greek, Earch Sciences, Geography, History, Islamic Religious Education, Linguistics, Literary Science, Philosphy, Sociology.

  • There may still be changes in the courses offered as well as room allocation and course dates.
  • The course descriptions found in the English version of the course catalogue are for informational purposes only. Authoritative information can be found in the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (German version of the course catalogue).