Compulsory Module 21: Seminar with Bachelor Thesis (10 ECTS-Credits, 2 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of courses with a total of 105 ECTS-Credits from the compulsory modules.
Learning Outcome: Students are able to demonstrate a professional and methodically correct approach to a partial area of physics and to illustrate it written and oral in a well-structured form. They know how to impart information, ideas, problems and solutions to experts lay people. They have developed learning strategies to continue their studies result-oriented in the time scope given with a high degree of autonomy. They have knowledge in a partial area of physics in an extent which offers them the possibility to develop and apply creative and innovative ideas.
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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis: Experimental Physics (SE / 2h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Blatt Rainer, Ferlaino Francesca, Grimm Rudolf, Kirchmair Gerhard, Mark Manfred, Nägerl Hanns-Christoph, Northup Tracy Eleanor, Weihs Gregor
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SE Seminar with Bachelor`s Thesis: Theoretical Physics (SE / 2h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Dür Wolfgang, Franosch Thomas, Kraus Barbara, Läuchli Herzig Andreas Martin, Lechner Wolfgang, Reimer Anita, Ritsch Helmut, Romero Isart Josep Oriol, Zoller Peter
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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis: Astro and Partical Physics (SE / 2h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Kneringer Emmerich, Przybilla Norbert
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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis (SE / 2h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Beyer Martin Klemens, Denifl Stephan, Hansel Armin, Kendl Alexander, Scheier Paul, Schrittwieser Roman, Wester Roland
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