COURSES Compulsory Module 20: Interdisciplinary Skills (5 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: The prerequisites specified by the respective curricula must be met.
Learning Outcome: This module aims at advancing and expanding the study programme by acquired additional qualifications.
Courses corresponding to 5 ECTS-Credits must be chosen from the Bachelor or Diploma Programmes offered at the University of Innsbruck, however not from the other teaching subject. With regard to the professional practice it is recommended to pursue advanced studies in sociology, political science and gender studies. For further information about courses click COURSES.
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VO Political System of Austria - Enhanced Level (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik
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Italian literature from its beginnings to the 17th century (VU / 3h / 6 ECTS-AP)
Antonio Salmeri
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Scientific Spezialisation: At the End a Beginning - From the Habsburg Monarchy to the First Republic (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Ingrid Böhler, Dirk Rupnow
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Interdisciplinary Skills: Concepts of Europe (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Andrea Brait, Stella Marie Lange
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Women's History - Gender History: Of Women and Men in Antiquity (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Brigitte Truschnegg
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Interdisciplinary ATRIUM Lecture Series 6: Ancient Worlds, Archaeologies and their reception - Current Research (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Johanna Luggin
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Space and Time (VO / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Kurt Nicolussi, Kurt Scharr
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  • There may still be changes in the courses offered as well as room allocation and course dates.
  • The course descriptions found in the English version of the course catalogue are for informational purposes only. Authoritative information can be found in the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (German version of the course catalogue).