Compulsory Module 3: Scientific Specialisation (2.5 ECTS-Credits, 2 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of compulsory module 1
Learning Outcome: Students become acquainted with the latest results and methods developed in the research centres of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences; having completed the courses in question, students are able to utilize these results and methods for their own research work.
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VU Thematical Specialisation: Nonlinear Material Models (VU / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Wolfgang Fellin, Alexander Ostermann
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VU Thematic Specialization: Hydraulic Engineering - Fieldwork, Model Scale Tests and Numerical Modeling (VU / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Stefan Achleitner, Markus Aufleger, Bernhard Gems
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VU Thematic Specialization: HF Measurements (VU / 2h / 5 ECTS-AP)
Thomas Ußmüller
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VU Thematic Specialization: Material Science Principles of Additive Manufacturing (VU / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Gerhard Johannes Leichtfried
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