Compulsory Module 9: Organic Chemistry II (10 ECTS-Credits, 9 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of the compulsory modules 5 and 6
Learning Outcome: Students are able to apply basic working techniques of preparative organic chemistry, including independent processing of chemical reactions in the laboratory as well as the isolation and cleaning of products received.
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VO Laboratory methods (for Students of Pharmacy) (VO / 1h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Andreas Tako
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UE Drug Synthesis, 9 Groups (UE / 8h / 8 ECTS-AP)
Michaela Egger, Kevin Andreas Erharter, Julian Maximilian Feilner, Laurin Flemmich, Matthias Halper, Franz-Lucas Josef Herbert Haut, Maximilian Himmelstoß, Johannes Kremser, Christoph Kreutz, Thomas Magauer, Christina Meisenbichler, Ronald Micura, Sarah Moreno, Thomas Müller, Eva Neuner, Raphael Plangger, Christian Steinborn, Elisabeth Strebitzer, Andreas Tako, Martin Tollinger, Sofia Torres Venegas, Lukas Anton Wein, Ricarda Zeindl
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