Elective Module 2: Spezialisation
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Courses corresponding to 40 ECTS Credits must be chosen from the elective courses (if necessary together with the elective module Work Experience and/or Individual Choice of Specialisation)
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PJ Entrepreneurial Project Study (PJ / 2h / 6 ECTS-AP)
Peter Heimerl
Details of this course
VO Risk Management (VO / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Florian Neumeister
Details of this course
VO Sport- und Gesundheitsrecht (VO / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Tuba Veziroglu
Details of this course
VO Management of Sports and Health Offers in Tourism (VO / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Martin Schnitzer
Details of this course
VU Trends, Health and Leisure Sports, Pedagogics (VU / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Werner Kirschner, Sarah Isabel Maria Nepo, Ludwig Rauscher, Philipp Alexander Schlemmer, Martin Schnitzer
Details of this course
VU Econometrics (VU / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Herbert Stocker
Details of this course
UE Business Communication English II (UE / 1h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Angelika Zangerl
Details of this course
VO Gender Lecture (VO / 1h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Veronika Eberharter
Details of this course

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