Compulsory Module 13: Subject Didactics 2 (5 ECTS-Credits; 4 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates are able to plan and shape teaching units with regard to core ideas and long-term objectives. In this context, they are able to select appropriate teaching methods based on didactical analysis with regard to differentiation in teaching lessons. They are able to analyse and reflect their own teaching action compared to the plans and objectives of teaching sequences and learning effects and to develop alternative procedure for future teaching. They know and consider relevant safety measures. Graduates are able to name and diagnose concept-related and comprehensive pupils` presentations as well as learning difficulties. They know difficulties of comprehension and misconceptions of learners and react appropriately. Moreover, they have options of action for appropriately reacting to misconceptions and resulting learning difficulties. They elaborate physical issues with regard to familiar misconceptions and heterogeneous learning conditions. Graduates know common and iconic models are able to plan their targeted use in the lessons and enable pupils to become familiar with the mind-set of physics. In this context, they are able to recognise their limits and are aware that students can mix-up model and reality, which might result in misunderstanding and learning difficulties. They are able to adopt measures to counteract such difficulties. Graduates are familiar with the possibilities of interdisciplinary and project-oriented teaching with selected examples, are able to plan and implement selected examples. They are able to implement measures for promoting girls and boys in physics lessons.
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VO Preconcepts and Models in the Physics Classroom (VO / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
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