Compulsory Modules (80 ECTS-Credits)
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  COURSES Compulsory Module 7: Interdisciplinary Skills (5 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: the prerequisites of the respective curricula do apply
Learning Outcome: This module serves to widen the study programme and to acquire additional qualifications.
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The students get an overview of the current state of research on the topic of the Master's thesis and - on the basis of this - they formulate a scientific questions. In an abstract, the students outline their reflections on the research questions dealt with in their Master's Thesis, their plan for examining the question and on the methodical implementation. On this basis, the further work steps are agreed on as well as a timeframe for completing the Master's Thesis.
Compulsory Module 8: Preparation of the Master's Thesis (7,5 ECTS-Credits) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: keine
Learning Outcome: After successful completion of this module, the students are able to get an overview of the current state of research, to develop an independent research question, write an abstract on the planned Master's Thesis, outline a timeline and conclude a Master's Thesis agreement.
Compulsory Module 9: Master's Thesis Defense (2,5 ECTS-Credits) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of all other compulsory and elective modules as well as the master's thesis
Learning Outcome: Reflection of the master's thesis in the general context of the master's programme. In this context, theoretical understanding, methodical fundamentals, presentation of results of the master's thesis and presentation skills are the main focus.

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