Compulsory Module 2: Advanced Topics in Subject Didactics (5 ECTS-Credits; 4 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates - develop a sufficiently high level of induvial ability in the respective sport and are able to describe and base their practical experience against a movement-theoretical background and know the methodological basic concepts for implementing them in a skill-oriented way. - are able to impart movement-oriented health concepts which are based on scientific findings in an age-appropriate way. - have networking and planning skills with other subjects to carry out subject-specific and interdisciplinary projects in a competence-oriented way. - have a differentiated repertoire of subject-related evaluation procedures in accordance with educational standards for the subject Physical Education and are able to apply them in a reflective way. - are able to plan and assess their lessons in a topic-oriented and target group-appropriate way, as well as in a gender-sensitive and inclusive manner in the context of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching. - have a basic knowledge of gender issues in the context of Physical Education and are able to include gender-critical perspectives in their classes.
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UE Basic Sports (Specialisation): Athletics (UE / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Gerald Daringer
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UE Basic Sports (Specialisation): Handball (UE / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Thomas Johann Wagner
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UE Basic Sports (Specialisation): Apparatus Gymnastics (UE / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Catrin Weber
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UE Basic Sports (Specialisation): Parcour (UE / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Christian Andreas Macek
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UE Gymnastic - Advanced (UE / 2h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Sarah Isabel Maria Nepo
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VU Fachdidaktik Gesundheit und Fitness (VU / 1h / 1 ECTS-AP)
Nikolaus Greier
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