Compulsory Modules (60 ECTS-Credits)
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Compulsory Module 3: Challenges of Pastoral Ministry (5 ECTS-Credits; 4 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates learn to be aware of challenges of pastoral care in their resp. community, collect first perceptions and prepare a presentation of their results. They formulate theological topics based on the presented perceptions, which will then be dealt with in other modules in a problem-orientated way.
Final Paper (7 ECTS-Credits) (no courses)
Learning Outcome: A final paper as specified by the director of the continuing education programme must be written. It serves as proof of one¿s ability to critically take up the challenges of pastoral care (presentation of the perceptions made in the community of the professional experience), to independently implement and scientifically evaluate a pastoral project (presentation of a practical project) and to appreciate one¿s own learning process with a summary (reflection based on a learning diary). The final thesis covers 7 ECTS-Credits.

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