Module 2: Mediaeval and Neo-Latin Language and Literature (5 ECTS-Credits, 4 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates of this module have an overview of Medieval and Neo-Latin and literature: They can trace the development of the Latin language after antiquity and elaborate the linguistic characteristics of the Medieval and Neo-Latin on texts of the respective epoch. They have acquired a basic knowledge of the history and culture of the Middle Ages and modern times. They know the Medieval Latin authors and works of the Middle Ages and modern times and can located them in their historical and cultural context. They have dealt with the relationship of Medieval and Neo Latin literature to ancient literature and developed an awareness of its importance for European intellectual history. In addition, they gained insight into specific genres and topics of Medieval and Neo Latin literature and learned about the most important aids and methods for their interpretation.
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VU Mediaval Latin Literature (VU / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Martin Michael Bauer-Zetzmann
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VU Neo-Latin Literature (VU / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Stefan Zathammer
Details of this course

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