Minor: Media and Communication (30 ECTS-Credits)
Learning Outcome: (1) Graduates of the minor "Media and Communication" know fundamental theories and methods of media and communication research. They are able to analyse and reflect on media and communication processes in individual, social and international environments. They are able of applying their knowledge to work on relevant problems in their area of science. (2) Graduates of the minor "Media and Communication" are able - to understand and apply theories and models in media and communication research, - to model, analyse and reflect on media and communication processes, - to establish media references in the context of their own field of study, - to classify technologically and ideologically abridged views of media and communications dynamics.
The minor 'Media and Communication' covering 30 ECTS-Credits can be selected by degree students of Bachelor's programmes at the University of Innsbruck, providing the relevant curriculum allows for the option to pass a minor. The minor can be passed, providing the availability of places.
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