Compulsory Modules (50 ECTS-Credits)
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Module 3: (10 ECTS-Credits, 4 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Students acquire knowledge of methodological, conceptual and theoretical tools to analyse the reproduction and change of inequalities, lifestyles and ways of life in post-national and post-colonial constellations and with regard to different forms of violence and domination. This takes into account social classification and differentiation processes, the interdependence of various forms of discrimination with the gender dimension as well as civil society self-organisation processes and social movements.
Agreement on the topic, the scope and the form of the Master's Thesis on the basis of a brief summary of the contents (abstract) as well as agreement on the work processes and the study progress. Planning of an appropriate time frame for the completion of the Master's Thesis.
Compulsory Module 5: Preparation of the Master's Thesis (5 ECTS-Credits) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: After successful completion of this module, the students will be able to write a brief summary of the content of the planned Master's Thesis (abstract), to outline an anticipated schedule and to conclude a written Master's Thesis agreement.

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