Pflichtmodule (105 ECTS-AP)
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Modul 2: Einführung in die Musikethnologie und Popularmusikforschung (5 ECTS-AP, 2 SSt.) (no courses)
Modul 4: Epochen der Musikgeschichte II (7,5 ECTS-AP, 4 SSt.) (no courses)
Modul 7: Popularmusik (7,5 ECTS-AP, 4 SSt.) (no courses)
Modul 12: Globale Musikkulturen (7,5 ECTS-AP, 4 SSt.) (no courses)
Module 13: Methoden der Feldforschung (10 ECTS-AP, 4 SSt.) (no courses)

  • There may still be changes in the courses offered as well as room allocation and course dates.
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