Compulsory Module 14: Literary Analysis (5 ECTS-Credits, 4 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of Compulsory Module 13
Learning Outcome: Insights into the development of American and British/Postcolonial literatures in their intellectual, social and political contexts; exemplary and focused dealing with- English/Postcolonial and American literature; intellectual understanding by dealing with present multicultural societies and their phenomena; application of the competences for analysing literary texts.
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PS British and/or Postcolonial Literature: How Shakespeare Matters (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Charlotte Dorothee Birke
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PS British and/or Postcolonial Literature: Self-Discovery and Identity in Contemporary African Fiction: Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Cameroon (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Ulrich Pallua
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PS British and/or Postcolonial Literature: Stories of Hell and Hope: Migration, Home and Belonging (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Ulrich Pallua
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PS American Literature: American Road Novels (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Sascha Nico Stefan Pöhlmann
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PS American Literature: Never Just a Game: Sport and Play in American Literature (1800-today) (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Eva-Maria Müller
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PS American Literature: Writing Elsewhere: Speculation, Possibility, and California in African-American Fiction (PS / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Michael Joseph Docherty
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