Compulsory Module 24: Bachelor Thesis (10 ECTS-Credits; 2 h)
Prerequisites for registration: Positive completion of the compulsory module: Introduction to Scientific Working in Mechatronic.
Learning Outcome: Students are able to independently work on a problem in mechatronics observing the rules of good scientific practice and taking into account the relevant social and ethical concerns.
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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis (SE / 2h / 10 ECTS-AP)
Daniel Baumgarten, Fadi Dohnal, Johannes Gerstmayr, Petar Grbovic, Friedrich Hanser, Raphael Lamprecht, Gerhard Johannes Leichtfried, Alexander Sutor, Elias Tappeiner, Lukas Tappeiner, Thomas Ußmüller, Robert Sebastian Weidner, Frank Woittennek, Clemens Zierhofer
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