Compulsory Modules (100 ECTS-Credits)
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Compulsory Module 2: Methods and Religions (7.5 ECTS-Credits; 4 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates are able to distinguish the methods of other scientific disciplines and to use their results appropriately. They know different ways of using language and can critical-ly evaluate validity claims. Graduates are able to classify religious and religion-like phenomena as well as to present central convictions of selected religions, especially Islam, independently and in a way that is appropriate to the subject and context.
Compulsory Module 5: Introduction to the Bible and Church History (7.5 ECTS-Credits; 5 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates can present the genesis and structure of the Christian Bible as well as the main features of the historical development of Christianity independently and in a con-text-appropriate manner.
Compulsory Module 6:Exegesis of the Bible and Dogmatic Theology (12.5 ECTS-Credits; 7 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates are familiar with the structure and content of the groups of writings in the Old and New Testaments. They can independently contextualise biblical texts socially and culturally using biblical methods. Graduates can independently present the core contents of the Christian doctrine of the faith at a high theoretical level and acquire the skills to conceptualise them in educational contexts.
Compulsory Module 11: Practical Training (5 ECTS-Credits; 1 h) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of compulsory module 8
Learning Outcome: The graduates are competent in the planning and implementation of subject-specific class observation. They are able to operationalise the skills they have acquired for planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning processes in teaching practice and to reflect on them in terms of subject didactics.

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