INFO Bachelor's Programme Psychology according to the Curriculum 2008 (180 ECTS-Credits, 6 semesters)
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§ 9 Internship (no courses)
(1) To try out and apply their acquired knowledge and skills, students have to complete an internship amounting to 310 hours, 12.5 ECTS-Credits. (2)The internship comprises participation in psychological surveys carried out at the Institute of Psychology of 20 hours duration. (3) The remaining 290 hours of the work placement can be completed in one or two parts, whereby the separate parts must comprise at least 140 hours. (4) The internship can be completed after the end of the second semester at the earliest. (5) The internship is to be completed in institutions where psychological activities are carried out and where a psychologist is active. Completion of the internship must follow under the direction of a psychologist. (6) Should students, despite evidence of reasonable efforts, find it impossible to complete by the end of compulsory modules 1 to 15 their internship in an institution as described in para 5, the possibility exists, on application to the Dean of Studies for the Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science, to complete their internship in an institution where to a substantial extent psychologically-relevant activities exist, even where there is no psychologist active and/or where completion of the practical part cannot be achieved under the direction of a psychologist can be completed.

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