Compulsory Modules (60 ECTS-Credits)
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Compulsory Module 3: Methods in High-Performance Computing (15 ECTS-Credits, 9 hours) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: - Students will have a detailed understanding of the computer architectures relevant to high-performance computing: the use of massively networked conventional computer systems, the access to perform certain computational operations of specialised accelerators, and the hybrid use of both concepts. - They can use methods to adapt conventional numerical algorithms to high-performance computing architectures as well as numerical methods designed for specialised architectures. You can assess the suitability of specialized HPC architectures for the implementation of given processes and have the programming competence to implement and evaluate efficient solvers of numerical problems.
Compulsory Module 4: Applications of Scientific and High-Performance-Computing (15 ECTS-Credits, 10 hours) (no courses)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: - Students will be familiar with representative examples of applications of scientific computing in various disciplines as well as the subject-specific software used to process them and will be able to discuss both from the perspectives of the various disciplines. - They have the competence - independently and with original ambition - to elicit meaningful models for selected problems from the practice of scientific computing, to construct suitable simulations and to implement, execute and evaluate them efficiently on suitably selected hardware, and to critically evaluate the results obtained. - They have the skills to visualise simulation data in a professional and descriptive manner and to manage it according to the rules of good scientific practice. They are able to communicate, explain, and discuss findings obtained from simulations, useful visualisations, and prerequisites and limitations of the statements made.

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