Module 6: Gender, Norms and Normalisation (10 ECTS-Credits, 4/5 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Students are aware of the influence of law and legislation on the different lifestyles of women and men. They are able to evaluate societal hierarchization and discriminations in a legal context. They are familiar with the basics of pertinent legal regulations (e.g. equality, gender mainstreaming) and can analyse how law takes part in shaping the construct of gender.
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VO Religions of the World (VO / 1h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Michaela Johanna Quast-Neulinger
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VU Selected Topics in Moral Theology (VU / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Gertraud Ladner
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VO Gender and Law (lecture) (VO / 2h / 4 ECTS-AP)
Christine Baur
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Gender and Law: Norms and Normalisation (SE / 2h / 6 ECTS-AP)
Christine Baur
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