Complementary Subject Area: Law, Security and Society (30 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: (1) The Minor Law, Security and Society covering 30 ECTS-Credits may be selected by students of the master's programmes offered at the University of Innsbruck if the corresponding curriculum provides the opportunity to pass a minor. (2) The minor can be passed, providing the availability of places.
Learning Outcome: (1) The graduates of the Minor Law, Security and Society are qualified to recognise and analyse law, crime and security as socially constituted, to understand fundamental aspects of the interaction of law, security and society and to approach these interrelations empirically. (2) The graduates of the Minor Law, Security and Society - understand basic theoretical approaches and essential fields of application in the research area, - are able to analyse and critically reflect on social phenomena and discourses on law, deviance or crime and security from a social studies perspective, - and have sound knowledge of methodological approaches and specifics of research practice in empirical research in this field.
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