Compulsory Module 3: General Chemistry (11 ECTS-Credits, 9 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: The students are able to ¿ understand and apply concepts of atomic theory, chemical formulae and reaction equations, electron structure and properties of atoms, ionic and covalent bonding, molecular structure, molecular orbitals and chemical thermodynamics; ¿ understand and apply reaction kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, acid-base equilibria, solubility product and complex equilibria, electrochemistry and material chemistry including important naturally occurring and technically important inorganic reactions in aqueous solution; ¿ understand and apply experimental methods for the investigation of gases, liquids, solids and solutions; ¿ understand and apply reactions of salts and metals with water, acids, alkalis, and molten salts as well as simultaneous equilibria; ¿ understand and apply group and identification reactions for the analysis of ions and the separation and removal of ions in water; ¿ understand and apply technically important inorganic reactions in aqueous solution; ¿ understand, comply with and apply the rules of conduct for working in a chemical laboratory as well as safety and health protection labelling; ¿ recognise, understand and apply hazardous work, personal protective equipment, hazardous materials, fire safety and first aid; ¿ work safely in the chemical laboratory; ¿ perform chemical calculations, including the determination of quantities of substances, percentage compositions of compounds and concentrations of solutions; ¿ understand, calculate and apply chemical reaction equations, redox equations and yields in chemical reactions; ¿ understand and apply pH, weak acids/bases, multi-proton acids, salts of weak acids/bases, buffer solutions, solubility product, precipitation reactions, coordination compounds and complexation constants.
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VO Experimental Lecture General Chemistry (VO / 5h / 6 ECTS-AP)
Hubert Huppertz
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VO Chemical calculations (VO / 2h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Stephan Alexander Hohloch
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