Compulsory Module 18: Biochemistry B (6 ECTS-Credits, 6 h)
Prerequisites for registration: successful completion of compulsory module 14 (Biochemistry A)
Learning Outcome: The students are able to ¿ understand and explain basic concepts of metabolic pathways of energy metabolism including pentose phosphate pathway, glycogen metabolism, lipid metabolism, amino acid metabolism and nucleotide metabolism; ¿ describe the mechanisms of regulation and coordination of energy metabolism; ¿ understand and explain the basic principles of synthesis and regulation of biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) as well as gene expression, transcription, RNA processing and signal transduction; ¿ understand and apply basic biochemical methods and techniques including analysis, cloning, synthesis and sequencing of nucleic acids, expression, purification, sequencing and structure of proteins, identification, quantification, localisation and functional analysis of protein:RNA:ligand interactions; ¿ understand and apply basic methods of chromatography and mass spectrometry as well as the application of systems biology (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics); ¿ understand and apply the use of model organisms and model systems for physiological and pathological signal transduction cascades and biotechnology; ¿ apply bioinformatic and statistical methods to evaluate OMICs datasets; ¿ apply and visualise methods of exploratory data processing; ¿ apply systems biology analysis methods to understand and describe complex biological relationships.
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VO Biochemistry II (VO / 3h / 3 ECTS-AP)
Marcel Dominik Kwiatkowski, Kathrin Thedieck
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VO Biochemical Methods (VO / 2h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Markus Hartl, Marcel Dominik Kwiatkowski
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UE Biochemical Methods (UE / 1h / 1 ECTS-AP)
Anna-Sophia Egger, Marcel Dominik Kwiatkowski
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