Minor: Digital Cultural Data (DCD) (30 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: (1) The Minor Digital Cultural Data covers 30 ECTS-Credits. It can be passed by regular degree students of master programmes at the University of Innsbruck if the respective curriculum provides for the possibility to pass of a Minor. (2) The Minor can be passed providing the availability of places.
Learning Outcome: (1) Due to the combination of critical analysis and practical testing, after completing the Minor Digital Cultural Data, graduates have acquired the conceptual skills that make them experts for the use of digital media and processes in research, museum and exhibition practice, in project acquisition and strategic planning. (2) Graduates have acquired advanced knowledge in the digitisation, archiving, dissemination and networking of cultural artefacts, texts and research data. They are able to grasp and assess datafication and automation in the humanities and cultural studies. They are able to take a critical stance when it comes to the fairness and transparency of digital humanities and cultural studies (e.g. appropriateness, data protection, equality, recognition). They have implemented the knowledge they have learned in relevant internships. (3) Graduates have acquired basic knowledge in the field of programming tools and routines for archiving and analysis in cultural studies and humanities contexts. (4) They are able to independently and appropriately apply ethical perspectives and concepts to a Digital Cultural Data problem, considering the implications of this application.
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