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Faculty of Engineering Sciences
INFO Bachelor's Programme Mechatronics according to the Curriculum 2011 (180 ECTS-Credits, 6 semesters)
Second Semester
Compulsory Module 9: Mechanical Engineering 1 (7.5 ECTS-Credits; 6 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Students - have in-depth knowledge of geometry for engineering studies (differential an d integral calculus in several variables, differential equations, basic geometric objects and their properties and relations, mapping methods and their application in the representation of objects). - are familiar with the mechanical, physical, chemical and technological material properties and know their application relevance in the field of mechatronics as well as their measurement. - understand the different fracture mechanisms and are able to avoid material failures by appropriate material selection and design.
VO Fundamentals of Material Technology 2 (VU / 3h / 4,5 ECTS-AP)
Simon Bergmüller, Gerhard Johannes Leichtfried, Andreas Saxer
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