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Faculty of Philosophy and History
INFO Master's Programme Archaeological Studies according to the curriculum 2022 (120 ECTS-Credits, 4 semesters)
Aus A (WM 1¿5) sind mindestens zwei Wahlmodule im Umfang von 10 ECTS-AP, aus B (WM 6¿10), sind mindestens zwei Wahlmodule im Umfang von 10 ECTS-AP, aus D (WM 18¿19) ist mindestens ein Wahlmodul im Umfang von 10 ECTS-AP zu absolvieren. Die restlichen 50 ECTS-AP können aus A, B, C, D, E gewählt werden. Anstelle der Wahlmodule Individuelle Vertiefung (WM 20) und Praxis (WM 21) kann ein Wahlpaket für Masterstudien nach Maßgabe freier Plätze absolviert werden. Wahlpakete sind festgelegte Module im Umfang von 30 ECTS-Anrechnungspunkten, welche ein Masterstudium um Inhalte anderer Fachdisziplinen oder Studien ergänzen.
Elective Modules (80 ECTS Credits)
At least two elective modules covering 10 ECTS-Credits are to be selected from A (EM 1-5), from B (EM 6-10) at least two elective modules covering 10 ECTS-Credits, from D (EM 18-19) at least one elective module covering 10 ECTS-Credits. The remaining 50 ECTS-Credits may be selected from A, B, C, D, E. Instead of the elective modules "Individual Choice" (EM 20) and "Practice" (EM 21), a Minor for Master's programmes may be passed, providing the availability of places. Minors are fixed modules covering 30 ECTS-Credits that complement a Master's programme with contents from other disciplines or study programmes.
A. Archaeological Disciplines (WM 1 - 5)
Elective Module 5: Medieval and Modern Archaeology (5 ECTS-Credits, 2 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: The students are able to deal with new topics in the field of the Medieval and Modern Archaeology, taking into account methodological aspects and current research trends and to carry out independent scientific work. They master the material taught, analyse, compare and evaluate their own research results and those of others and can explain and critically reflect on research questions and controversial perspectives.
SE Mittelalter- und Neuzeitarchäologie (SE / 1h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Harald Stadler
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