223202 Reflection on one's own Learning Experiences

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Reflection on one's own Learning Experiences
PS 1

Ability to reflect on previous learning experiances.

Reflection on previous learning experiances in view of one's own role in educational and didactic fields, including gender issues.

Process-oriented working under the aspect of biographical- and experience orientated methods (job, team work, plenum)

- active  participation
- paper ( 5 - 7 pages): biographical reflection
- creation of a portfolio, which includes and reflects the material from the proseminar and from the practical training course.

Bauer, Joachim: Lob der Schule. Sieben Perspektiven für Schüler, Lehrer und Eltern. München 2007.

Programme Catholic Religious Education: positive completion of compulsory module 1

It is recommended to attend the lecture "Lehren und Lernen" .