323921 Communication, Presentation and Negotiation Skills

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Communication, Presentation and Negotiation Skills
PR 2
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After completing this module, students have excellent knowledge, tools and additional skills for their professional practice as a lawyer. Students will be able to give information on legal issues and advice effectively and efficiently.

An essential part of becoming a successful lawyer is the ability to be persuasive and convincing. He/she should be self-confident and have high developed communication and negation skills. This course will equip the participant with these necessary skills to be able to deal with professional and personal situations (face-to-face, group)

For this purpose the following modules are trained in this doctoral seminar:

- Structuring and optimization of the conversation and leadership   style in the counseling situation (Face to Face) on both the   content agreement as well as on the personal level of relationship

- Controlling and influencing to groups and group-discussions with    the “Pontius Pilate”  technique

- The most common techniques in inductive “five-set”    argumentation

- The main reasoning techniques; rational argumentation, climax    and anticlimax structuring

- Recognizing the opponent’s line of argument and “illegal” use,   preparation of counter arguments and statistics

Theoretical input; presentations with video analysis, individual and team work in a buddy - system. 1:1 reality training identical to the pattern of successful ORF discussion program "In the center".

Oral Exam; Measurable evaluations and feedback from the students and the instructor. Certificates are issued with proof of success of CZAK MANAGEMENT SEMINARS LTD.

Copyrighted script is displayed in the LV.

REGISTRATION is required. Attendance is mandatory.

Limited number of participants (max 18 students).

An unique opportunity for lawyers and law students to attend this top seminar with normally costs € 1.908 externally.

AV Studio: GEIWI Tower, 2 Stock (Room Nr 52d0213)

22.01.-24.01.2014, 9:00-16:30 Uhr, AV Studio (GEIWI-Turm, 2. Stock, RaumNr 52d0213)