930008 Media Representations of Gender and Ethnicity

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Media Representations of Gender and Ethnicity
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Aim of this lecture is to communicate the deeper insight, that all codes of picture languages are constructed and socio-historically embedded. And those who are involved in the production of (audio) visual material within media based communication use these codes – deliberately or unconsciously.
Examples will show the impact of gender specific and – in the case of mass media – eurocentric or western structures inscribed in the codes of products of everyday aesthetics.
The students will gain insight in several theoretical and methodological contexts regarding the representation and construction of gender and ethnicity in the field of everyday aesthetics. They will capture the socio-historical construction and connect it with their subjective experience. They will question critically both aspects.
Perception and communication within the lectures will be discussed, too.



Starting with historical models of perspective and general aspects of visual arts and architecture following specific topics will be discussed too: optical razzle-dazzle from cultural history up to everyday aesthetics, ways of memory, the eurocentric gaze within the hierarchically constructed society and the chance of female perspectives in this society.
The extended definition of text will be used, originating from literary studies and adapted by cultural studies and feminist media studies.
Basic issue are the understandings generated by the male dominated western society to which we refer when encoding content. Importance will be attached to actual alterations within this cultural context.



Input by the lecturer, teamwork, plenary discussions, analog interventions, movies

Written teamwork

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The contents of this lectures form the basis of the course 930 008 "Gender, Ethnicity and Media".

If you have any questions concerning this course, please contact the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Masterprogram "Gender, Culture and Social Change" Mag. Elisabeth Grabner-Niel (elisabeth.grabner-niel@uibk.ac.at).


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