930009 Gender, Ethnicity and Media

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Gender, Ethnicity and Media
SE 2

With focus on representation and construction of gender and ethnicity in the field of everyday aesthetics the students get insights and basic knowledge of several theoretical and methodological contexts in cultural studies, sociology, literary studies, film and media studies – all under feminist aspects.
The students will capture the socio-historical construction and connect it with their subjective experience. They will critically question both in consideration of modes as well as power of binary gender patterns.
The students will work out together academic (basic) texts and apply several methods of film and picture analysis on self chosen material Perception and communication within the lectures will be discussed, too.

Many practical examples serve to discuss regimes of the gaze with reference to the meaning of pictorial elements in several cultural realms and on different cultural levels.

Due to the dominance of (audio) visual media in our everyday life literacy may decline, the ability for deciphering pictures increases rapidly – accompanied by the construction of recipients following the inscribed ideologies.
Basic issue are the understandings generated by the male dominated western society to which we refer when encoding content.
In the Seminar a basic text of the apparatus theory (Baudry 1970) will be worked out together. The extended definition of text will be used, originating from literary studies and adapted by cultural studies and feminist media studies.
Pleasure has an important significance in the production of mass media texts: John Fiske stated that nobody does anything – politically, socially or anything else – if there is not a moment of pleasure in it. And this pleasure has to be understood as motivation for an appreciation of the social regime in a progressive way or at least ready for conflict. (Cf. Müller 1993: 9f). One of these strategies is to read (audio) visual texts against the grain. Thus within all these restrictive structures exists the chance to negotiate meanings.

Input by the lecturer, teamwork, plenary discussions, detailed reading, analysis of pictures and films

Written teamwork

will be presented in the course


This seminar is based on the contents dealt with in the lecture 930 007 "Media representation of gender and ethnicity".

For any questions concerning this course please contact the coordinator of the interdisciplinary master program Elisabeth Grabner-Niel (elisabeth.grabner-niel@uibk.ac.at)

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