704910 Recent Advance in Ion Trapping

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Recent Advance in Ion Trapping
KU 1

These reviews will last one hour and will take place every week. They will consist of two parts. For the first twenty minutes, a student will present the latest postings of the arXiv server that are relevant to ion trapping. In the last forty minutes, another student will give an in-depth analysis of a recent paper or pre-print. Both presentations are meant to trigger discussion with the audience on the physical and technical aspects of the research papers. These classes are expected to train the students to read and analyze scientific articles, to give them an overview of the latest research in their field, and to improve their communication skills.

After the successful completion of this module, students have the high level of interdisciplinary knowledge necessary for working on the dissertation.

Group 0
Date Time Location
Wed 2014-03-12
09.00 - 11.00 SR 0/211 SR 0/211 Barrier-free