103221 Qualitative Methods of Educational Science

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Qualitative Methods of Educational Science
SE 2
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The students have a good overview about the methods of qualitative data collection and know how to use them and reflect the steps of their research process. They have the skills to analyse their data in a systematic and scientific way. They hold practical and theoretical knowledge about qualitative research and its background and are able to use it indepently in their own research for their Bachelor or Master-degree.

In this seminar the main methods of qualitative research will be introduced. By explaining the methodological background, the students get a better overview about the development and appropriate application. The main focus lies on the practical exploration and implementation of different research methods. In combination with constant reflection on why and how to use the specific methods, the students will increase their research competence (how to conduct interviews or group-discussion, how to do participatory observation) and learn more about different approaches like Grounded Theory.

Intensive small-group-work
Exercises and reflection

Additional webinars (virtual classroom)



Course with formative assessment, i.e., students are graded on the basis of written and/or oral tasks assigned regularly over the term.


Conduct a small research project including step-by-step-reports in the learning group

Written research report and presentation

Strauß, Anselm L.; Corbin, Juliet (Hg.) (1993): Basics of Qualitative Research. Grounded Theory Procedures an Techniques. Newbury Park, London, New Delhi: SAGE Publications.

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Date Time Location
Fri 2015-10-16
12.30 - 18.00 SR Liebeneggstraße SR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free (Steixner)
Sat 2015-10-17
09.30 - 16.30 SR Liebeneggstraße SR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free (Steixner)
Fri 2015-12-11
12.30 - 18.00 KR Liebeneggstraße KR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free (Steixner)
Sat 2015-12-12
09.30 - 16.30 KR Liebeneggstraße KR Liebeneggstraße Barrier-free (Steixner)