645308 SE Advanced Topics in Economic and Social History

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SE Advanced Topics in Economic and Social History
SE 2
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Consolidation and extension of the understanding of economic theories and their practical transformation by special models and countries.

In the course of time and in the change of socio-economical relations, various theories and models were formulated and developed, in order to improve social, economical and political relations. In the course of this seminar some of these concepts, more commonly known as “socialist”, will be critically analyzed, their theoretical founding as well as their execution, or at least the attempt to do so, will be presented and compared.

Topic-orientated course including lectures, discussions, independent work tasks, presentations and practical exercises.

Active participation, reading of elemental documents, writing of a journal or a written statement, presentation and written assignment.

Literature will be announced at the various units of the lecture.

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Thu 2015-11-26
17.15 - 18.45 40628 UR 40628 UR Barrier-free
Tue 2015-12-08
10.00 - 16.00 40601 UR 40601 UR Barrier-free
Thu 2015-12-17
17.15 - 19.30 40628 UR 40628 UR Barrier-free