800715 SE Creativity Training

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SE Creativity Training
SE 2
every 2 weeks

At the end of the course, the students will be able to successfully use the skills trained in the course in their university and (later) professional life.

Creativity and memory skills
While most people would not describe themselves as "creative", life in the information age requires them to solve problems creatively, to generate new ideas on a regular basis and to practice thinking "outside the box". Contrary to general belief, these skills can be trained. This course introduces students to a number of techniques that will open up their creative potential (systematic brainstorming, divergent and lateral thinking, creative problem solving, creativity and group dynamics..). The creativity skills trained during the course will also be employed as methods for improving the students' memory techniques (information acquisition and retention). Following the principles of "Content and Language Integrated Learning", students will, at the same time, improve their English language skills in a "natural" way.

Toolbox of skills
In addition to the central skills mentioned above, students will get a glimpse of other advanced tecniques. For the rich field of possibilities see www.mindtools.com.


After a very short introduction to the theoretical basis of the skills above, students will train them in class intensively. Active participation and training are the most central aspects, involving discussions, group work, facilitated meetings, simulations and case studies worked out in small teams.

The student's ongoing participation and commitment in class , smaller homework assignments, independent backgroup research, and a short in-class activity prepared by each student will be used to assess the student's performance. Regular attendance is required.

Tailor-made training materials will be made available to students.

Enrollment in one of the Master Programs offered at the University of Innsbruck. English Language skills reflecting the school-leaving certificate of secondary schools in Austria ("Matura" level)

Course starts 14.10.2015 in SR 14 SoWi

Group 0
Date Time Location
Wed 2015-10-14
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2015-10-28
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2015-11-11
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2015-11-25
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2015-12-09
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2016-01-20
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free
Wed 2016-02-03
15.00 - 18.15 SR 14 (Sowi) SR 14 (Sowi) Barrier-free